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Welcoming spring often includes personal renewals, daily routine changes, exploring novelties, and a wealth of innovative proposals from an array of retailers. Renewal may mean also a review of one’s urban living space – searching for new ideas on how to add a touch of magic to the ensemble without having to break the bank.

In our first segment on Design and Interiors, we are proposing a second look at contemporary decorative photography and its place and interaction with more traditional artworks such as bronze and wood in today’s living space.






Lumas Gastown. “I thought it a no-brainer to bring the concept to Canada.” – Erin Lang. Photo courtesy Lumas

LUMAS was created 10 years ago by the two German associates, Marc Alexander Ullrich and Stefanie Harig, who had the simple idea of “democratizing” the art of photography by making a well curated portfolio of contemporary visual artists and photographers from around the globe that would be available in signed and limited editions to contemporary collectors.

Today LUMAS has over 30 galleries worldwide, located in the most prestigious districts in cities such as Berlin, Sydney, Paris, Seoul, New York and Dubai.

Their new Canadian venture debuts in Vancouver, more precisely, in Gastown! They chose Gastown as their point of entry into Canada after extensive scouting of Vancouver’s shopping districts. They said they selected Gastown because of it’s vibrancy and the eclectic mix of modern retailers. The Gastown opening will be followed in the future by six other openings across the country.

The new gallery/art boutique is the fruit of the personal vision of owner Erin Lang who comes from a background in business and marketing. ”I grew up in a family of collectors,” she said. “The artistic spirit was always surrounding me. When in New York for a business trip I discovered LUMAS; I thought it a no-brainer to bring the concept to Canada.”

“The concept may be best described as a modern Robin Hood mentality,” she adds, “LUMAS is liberating photographic artwork from the close-knit mentality of museums and intimidating galleries to reach a broader audience of connoisseurs and new collectors as well.”

She pointed out that great attention is paid to the selection of works, the pricing and the quality control in the printing process. All this is done in Germany to add value and exclusivity to the final work.

A hallmark of the ‘galerie boutique’ is a selection of classic and contemporary visual masters ranging from Horst to David Lachapelle and from Blumenfeld to Damien Hirst’s extravagant diamond skull head – in 3D!

Now that LUMAS is in Canada, the stage is set for the development of a new portfolio of Canadian visual artists to enrich their selection of world-wide contemporary masters.

For this issue of STYLE and DESIGN, GAZETTE has selected 4 different spaces – from an artist studio to the Gazette office, to exclusively stage some photographs from the LUMAS portfolio. Most of the selections are from their Conde Nast Vogue collection as well their Trunk Archive.


Even during a time when pundits are still endlessly debating if photography is an art, we are now being introduced to the idea that fashion photography can be a valuable artistic expression. How can a printed publication, such as a magazine, whose shelf life is truly a blink can produce images that will mark our collective memory? The photographs selected here for this editorial interior’s  “make-over” are a perfect reply to this question that will dismiss doubts once and for all. With the right balance of photographs, sculpture and well curated objects d’art, you can now transform and personalize your everyday living and working spaces that thrive on originality and vision.




CHRISTOPHER WOODCOCK’s majestic “NO.MA, NEW YORK” large print Italian framed photo imposes with his long exposures city night scenes. With a light box like effect, the artist creates with his large format camera a kind of visual “trompe-l’oeil’ effect, a kaleidoscopic with an intriguing play on perspectives. Price upon request.

The photograph presides over the credenza suite that is straight out of Mad Men décor. This stunning leather and walnut colored piece designed in Canada by Andre Laurent. It is dynamic and timeless in it’s modernity, and is a limited edition from the series “Innovation” produced by Ste. Marie + Laurent Inc. in Montreal.

The ‘elan’ of Rudolf Sokolovki’s Transcendence female bronze sculpture nude adds the right touch of sensuality to the ensemble. $5000.00

Photographed at artist/painter’s studio Zebulon Austin.




With it’s classic Gastown red bricked interiors, we propose this photograph of DAVID BURTON, “ITALIAN WEDDING 2″ from LUMAS’s TRUNK ARCHIVE series. The setting, the carefully orchestrated carefree nonchalance a la dolce vita of the image and his cheeky sexiness play a great contrast with the exclusive collection of antiques that surround the room. $1399.00

Photographed at interior designer Jason Young’s Gastown loft.




On the wall’s of the GAZETTE, own working environment we set-up two distinct visions.

The truly iconic image of ERWIN BLUMENFELD’s Vogue fashion

“Photographed in New York for VOGUE, “RED CROSS” is Blumenfeld’s iconic photographic tribute to humanitarian endeavours and the tragedies and devastation of wars.” In grey shades and graphic red the silhouette creates instant drama against the stark backdrop of raw concrete. It’s timeless elegance and mysterious appeal still resonates today as it did on the first day of the magazine’s publication in 1945. $699.00

The mini maquettes are by artist Jean-Guy Dallaire. The small sculpture ”FAMILY” is inspired by the shapes of found pebbles and stones from the Wreck Beach shores. Price upon request.


By contrast, OLAF HAJEK’s “BLACK ANTOINETTE TULIP”, a quasi collage of mixed media like effect brings a whimsical exuberance of tropical colours that enlivens the space. $1899.00

Quebec born master sculptor Jean-Guy Dallaire’s bronze statement “FORME ANIMALE: VAGUE” plays with sinuous visual appeal and tactile emotions against the stern backdrop of polished cement and dark concrete. Arriving in Canada after years of exclusive representation in Hamburg, Germany, it offers a sensual and tactile feel the final ensemble. $10000.00

Photographed at the GAZETTE’s headquarters in Gastown.




Photographer FORMENTO2’s splendid “JOAHANNA” brings instant drama to the immaculately naturally lit photo studio. The end result is all about geometry and reflected surfaces. Selected from his CITY GIRLS series, the confident ’femme fatales’ calculated desinvolture, highly stylized in soft shades of greys and subdued hues of reds, are epitomes of “dramatic emotions”, imbued with borderless freedom and internal melancholy… $1539.00

lumas3 (1)

The natural brightness of the space sheds the perfect light for ALEXANDER STRAULINO’s “BEAUTY” in this extreme close-up of this female embrace. Inverted, reversed and subverted, the strong contrasts of oranges and cardinal reds on the pale skins captures the “regard” in the hallway of the studio with an impossible to miss graphic impact. $1399.00


Mirror, mirror, which one of us is the fairest? French fashion photographer MICHEL COMTE counts his portfolio of collaborations with Conde Nast’s Vogue featuring some of the most famous faces of fashion’s history with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova. His black and white “JAIME RISHAR 2” enlivens the bedroom space with its predominant shades of camaieu, whites and neutrals faux fur covers. $959.00

Photographed in the studio of photographer Erich Saide.

(All photographs are copyrighted by owners and reproduced with special permission by LUMAS. For exact prices please contact LUMAS)

Styling and text by Emmanuel St. Juste

Photos by Brian Cyr

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