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Last spring, local trainers Ed Pimley and Ben Kerswill held “Ben and Ed’s 30 Day Challenge” at Versus Training on Hastings Street in Gastown. Fifty people participated in personal training sessions, classes and a diet program built upon Ben and Ed’s personal experiences. Their passion and no-nonsense approach to fitness and diet soon had many Gastowners getting in shape. Just mention you were doing “the 30 day with Ben and Ed” and your friends would easily understood your passing on the beer and fries at Chill Winston’s.

Ed grew-up in Perth, Western Australia and Ben is from sunny Brisbane in Queensland. Together they hold a lot of fitness pedigree. (Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, Level One Weight Lifting Coach, Level One Sports Trainer, Level One PICP Conditioning Coach, Level 2 Twist Conditioning Coach and MMACA Strength and Conditioning Coach) But it’s their simple, grounded “I’ve done it and so can you” philosophy that earns their participants’ attention, commitment and respect.

We sat down with Ben and Ed this week to discuss their ideas on fitness and wellness.

What are you guys most passionate about – diet or exercise?

We see them both as key elements in our training philosophy. Really, it’s about educating clients and helping them deliver results to themselves. It just takes the will to commit.

What are some of the main benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating?

Well, for starters – decreased blood pressure, decreased stress levels and hormones, increased energy levels, better quality of sleep, decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, boosted immune system, and improved mental focus. Does that sound good?

What are some of the poor health habits you recognize as most detrimental in our basic lifestyle choices?

Number one would be eating processed foods. Also, allowing outside influences to dictate lifestyle and training habits. Skipping workouts and making excuses for bad dietary choices are also in there.

Another important factor in reaching your personal goals is making sure your trainers are tracking your results and progress.

What would you like to see after one week of your program?

After one week, we would expect positive changes in diet and increased exercise activity.

After a month, we want to see meal planning and scheduling towards personal goals.

After a year we’d focus on increased education in exercise and dietary habits and a complete incorporation of new and improved strategies for living into lifestyles. It’s really not that hard if you take a step-by-step methodical approach.

What can people start doing tomorrow?

Just start investing in education towards learning about diet and exercise. You’re going to start feeling better as soon as you begin learning.

Thanks guys!

Contact Ben and Ed at kpfitnesstraining@gmail.com.

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Photo by Andy Patton

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