October 30, 2013, 7:36 PM  |  News

The most feared gang on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.
Illustration for the Gazette by IFM61

They put the “mock” in local democracy. They are as “grassroots” as AstroTurf. None of them ever watched a single episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood. They think the “Anarchists” are an awesome band. They all read “Mao’s Little Red Book” and believe it’s a great novel. They like fire. They like rude signs. They really hate pigeons. They conduct “research” in our neighbourhood in the same way Japan “researches” whales. They constantly watch the police because they think the police are “out to get them”. They hold court at small, secret, lavishly catered meetings deep inside Vancouver’s Carnegie Community Centre. They are one of the most feared gangs on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  And you support them with your tax dollars every day you go to work.

The Carnegie Gang control the public board of the Carnegie Community Centre, the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP), the City of Vancouver’s DTES Local Area Plan Committee, the Downtown East “newspaper” and the Carnegie Newsletter.  They also control some of the staff positions for this year’s Heart of the City Festival. If there is a government funded initiative, you will find a Carnegie Gang member somewhere in the mix. Their strength, control and influence over this neighbourhood cannot be matched in any other part of Vancouver.

Over the past eight months the Gazette has been highlighting the activities of the Carnegie Gang.  But this Halloween you will be on your own.  Be careful – the Carnegie Gang is out there.

The Editors.

Illustration for the Gazette by IFM61.

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