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“The political significance of this is quite extraordinary.”

– DNC Board Meeting Attendee



On August 22, 2013 the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council Board (DNC) met on the tenth floor of the Woodward’s Building. The final act of the the meeting was a motion that is sure to shake-up the politics of our neighbourhood. In a dramatic, sweeping and nearly unanimous vote the DNC passed a resolution requesting the following persons cease from attending DNC Board Meetings due to “disruptive behaviour”. Below are the council minutes from the meeting.

Motion: Due to their behavior at the previous general meeting, and the disruptive behavior at several board meetings, and due to their inclusion in the previous conflict resolution passed in Nov 2012, the following people are asked to not come to our next general meeting. Voting will take place for each person individually. Roland motions, Debbie seconds.

Jean Swanson – motion passes unanimously
Ivan Drury – motion passes unanimously
Wendy Pedersen – motion passes unanimously
Tami Starlight – motion passes unanimously
Herb Varley – motion passes, 7 for, 4 abstain

The following people are thus requested to not attend our next general meeting: Jean Swanson, Ivan Drury, Wendy Pedersen, Tami Starlight, Herb Varley.


Wendy Pederson and friend protesting in front of Cuchillo.

These five individuals include the core group of restaurant protestors and the leadership of the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP). They are also the most quoted in mainstream media as “representatives of the Downtown Eastside”. Wendy Pedersen is a member of the Carnegie Community Centre board and a member of the Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan (LAP) Committee. Herb Varley and Tami Starlight are also members of the DTES LAP Committee.

Since June the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council has been calling for an end to the eight-month old restaurant protests in Gastown.

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