April 30, 2013, 10:05 PM  |  Business


The New Twenty Foot Screen At The Blarney Stone

You gotta understand, when moving images first started, people wanted sound, colour, big, big screens and depth.
– Martin Scorsese

When Blarney Stone General Manager Charlie Bethell and his team set out last October to “take it to the next level” and provide the best hockey viewing experience in Western Canada at their Gastown landmark, they began by thinking big. Really big.

Last week The Blarney Stone unveiled what can only be described as a massive new way to experience a Canucks playoff run. Spanning over 20 feet, the custom built screen displays Cory Schneider’s eyeballs about the size of someone’s head. Kesler looms like a giant modern gladiator, and the massive ball of gum churning in Coach Vigneault’s mouth is mesmerizing. (It looks like a small planet.) Both hockey viewing veterans and newcomers will have no problem seeing the puck or watching plays develop on this new addition to the neighbourhood.

Powered by a new 7000 lumens Benq projector, the new screen means viewers will be hard pressed to find a better seat outside of Rogers Arena. Sound is provided by a full concert sound system.

Throughout the playoffs The Blarney Stone will have DJ Steel and Joe Leary from Team 1040 filling in the ad breaks with prizes and raffles. When it comes to playoff hockey Charlie and his team are confident that “bigger is always better.”

This is hockey viewing at its best. And it’s only in Gastown.

For Wednesday’s May 1st showdown with San Jose The Blarney Stone will be doing a live draw at the end of the game for two seats to the Friday, May 3rd game and a spanking new Canucks jersey. There is no cost to enter, so get there early and claim your seat. Draw prizes courtesy of Budweiser.

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