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Gazette is well positioned to help your organization reach a valuable and influential audience. We reach over 200,000 people in the Lower Mainland each week with interesting and edgy content that engages both young and old. With its broad appeal from the boardroom to the university campus, Gazette can help your brand and organization stay relevant, current, and engaged in your community.

The New Voice

Commentators and columnists often don’t even leave their offices and blithely assume that the world is pretty much as it always was. Gazette challenges the status quo and is fast becoming the new authentic voice of the outsider. Based in Gastown, our team of talented writers, photographers, and artists are making a significant mark on the cultural landscape of Vancouver. Gazette’s audience reaches far beyond Gastown and those ‘in the know’ watch Gastown and Gazette closely.

“There is a a changing of the guard within media in Canada, and Gazette is positioned at the forefront of that change.”

– Andy Patton, Gazette Founder

“They’re curating culture, talking about things that are happening in the community, keeping it real, keeping it dynamic, and keeping it interesting.”

– Terry Chen, Canadian film and television actor

“Millennials don’t read or watch established media.”

– Rupert Murdoch

“Gastown is the community that drives the social and cultural movement that is taking place in Vancouver right now.”

– Dani Kremeniuk, Gazette Arts Editor

“It’s very admirable to launch a magazine from a website. It’s amazing.”

– Prevail, Juno Award winning Canadian hip-hop artist

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What People Are Saying About The Gazette 

“The Gastown Gazette was more forthright.”

– Jon Ferry, The Province Newspaper

“The Gastown Gazette has been shockingly refreshing. What we all want in a publication but have not had since the first days of The Georgia Straight. Then it struck me – this is what we need. Thanks.”

– Victoria Radbourne

“Just discovered. And am in love. Awesome content!”

– Sandra O’Connell

“Love the work you guys do ! Keep up the good work.”

– Dave Rouleau

“Thank you for this. Your voices are needed in our community.”

– Christine Vivier

“You guys rock-solid journalism – love it – keep at it and congrats!”

– George Froehlich

“About 30 protesters chanted and waved signs outside the restaurant Friday night, denying that the end of the hunger strike — as well as several tough questions including those raised by a local news website, the Gastown Gazette — are signs the movement is falling apart.”

– Jon Woodward, CTV British Columbia

“I have have been thoroughly impressed by The Gazette’s coverage of the recent organized protests of Pidgin.”

– Peter Hudson

“You will be sure to find interesting and thought provoking perspectives from The Gazette’s editorial team.”

– Canadian Public Relations Society

“Great story. Keep it up!”

– James Dougal

“You guys are a breath of fresh air.”

– Damian Daniel


The cover of Gazette Magazine, Issue #1.


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